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Minneapolis takes aim at lock traffic

And the Minneapolis Star Tribune is honest about the reasons, too:

“Businesses that rely on the locks are preparing to push back, while some top city officials are salivating at the chance to redevelop an industrial riverfront into homes and parks.”

From this point of view, the “threat” of Asian carp (if indeed there really is one up there) is really an opportunity (or excuse) to kill something that some Minneapolis officials have long wanted to kill anyway.

Three bridge movements on September 10

Yesterday (September 10) saw three major movements of bridge components on the same day.

Here’s a link to a time-lapse video of the float and lift of a major bridge span for the Milton-Madison Bridge over the Ohio River.

A major span was also floated into position for the Hastings Bridge in Minnesota.

Finally, on the same day, a bridge span was also lifted onto the Stillwater Bridge over the St. Croix River in Wisconsin, but I haven’t found any time-lapse video of that yet.

We cover them all in this week’s print edition of the WJ.




NYT On Ohio River Steel Revival

The New York Times’ story on the steel industry revival along the Ohio River opens on the deck of the Mike Wiesend!

“Yet even with diminishing coal shipments, Ohio River cargo traffic is climbing over all, and towboat companies are expanding. AEP River Operations, a subsidiary of American Electric Power, operates 3,200 barges and 90 towboats, including the Mike Weisend. The company anticipates that its commercial traffic will grow to 46 million tons this year, 2 million tons more than last year. ‘We’ve added 300 barges to our fleet through acquisitions,’ said Tim Light, AEP’s senior vice president for fuel, emissions and logistics.”