Monthly Archives: July 2012

U.S. coal industry switches to exports

The U.S. coal industry is fast adapting to being a full-time major exporter.

“The country’s reduced coal use was supposed to be gradual, but cheap natural gas and a warm winter this year have given the coal industry a preview of things to come and forced it to adapt quickly….

Competition is emerging among ports and transportation providers, and increased competition and flexibility, to which U.S. coal markets are currently unaccustomed, may become permanent features if the market sticks to its current trend.”

Morrow Pacific Overview

An overview of the Morrow Pacific coal export project on the West Coast.

“It requires building 20 new barges and about five new tugs: None of the other coal export projects proposed for the Northwest plans to put coal on barges, so this is a unique element of the Morrow Pacific project. But there aren’t enough tugs and barges operating on the river today to handle all the coal that the company wants to ship.”