Monthly Archives: June 2011

“Peak fertilizer”?

Never mind “peak oil.”

Could the world hit “peak fertilizer”, limiting the potential for the doubling of calorie production that the world needs to 2050 to keep up with an expanding population, much of which is upgrading its diet?

“Our Midwest is blessed in that along with its vast expanse it harbors great human talent and a wide-ranging inland waterway system providing transport economies that permit our crops to reach world markets effectively and efficiently. The question needs be asked, are we preparing the nation for the tasks and responsibilities ahead?”

House panel OKs $1 billion for levee repair

Time is reporting that a House committee chaired by Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen (R-N.J.) has approved $1 billion for repair of flood structures, including levees. Most interesting is where the money is coming from:

“The New Jersey Republican offset the cost of the amendment by cutting $1 billion in unspent money from President Barack Obama’s 2009 economic stimulus measure. The money had been intended for high speed rail projects.”

The high-speed rail systems of some other countries, including France, Japan, and China, were once held up as a model for U.S. planners to follow. But a recent Washington Post article highlights problems with China’s high-speed rail system.