Monthly Archives: November 2010

Interesting choice to head maritime museum

Instead of going to another museum curator, the Independence Seaport Museum in Philadelphia tapped an experienced blue-water captain and tugboat company executive to head it.

Capt. John J. Gazzola wants to make the museum a center for educating various publics about the importance of ports and water transportation.

“Since taking over, Gazzola has invited river pilots, line runners, the Coast Guard, the Maritime Exchange, the ‘Schuylkill Navy’– an affectionate term for the boathouse crowd — longshoremen, schools and just about anybody he can think of to visit the museum.

‘You have to give something away first,’ he explained. “The money will follow. My goal is to open this place to the port community in the broadest sense. Everything that has been done in the past is being recalculated. It’s time to move up and out.’ ”

There are many fine inland museums.  I wonder whether any of them have considered former  towing company executives as directors?

A Minnesota River water manager remembers

Larry Samstad, who has been part of the Lower Minnesota River Watershed District for 50 years, reminisces in the Prior Lake American. Lots of wisdom here for people interested in the health of watersheds.

“Providing storage for dredge materials has been an ongoing battle for the district. Samstad remembers one Friends of the Minnesota Valley rally on the Interstate Highway 494 bridge at which its members were protesting the storage of dredge near the river. They didn’t want to lose the beautiful poplar trees that surrounded the river.

Samstad laughed, however, as he recalled that the very peninsula the group was pointing to was built on dredge from 1965. A portion of Fort Snelling State Park was also built on dredge, he said.”

Read the whole thing.